Is there somewhere I can go to hear Frazer play?

Frazer's Jazz band frequently play at public events in the Edinburgh area. You can also hear Frazer playing at Gamberro Rosso restaurant in Falkirk. See home for more details. Any potential clients are of course most welcome to attend these events. Alternatively, Frazer will be more than happy for potential clients to come and meet, and hear him play at his home.

I'm unsure what song choices to include at my wedding ceremony. Can Frazer advise?

Music choices during the ceremony tend to be very personal to the couple. However, ceremonys can vary depending on whether it is religious, civil or humanist service. Having played at around 200 ceremonies, Frazer is happy to advise on the most appropriate music choices if asked.

Can references be provided?

Yes, Frazer's past clients are more than willing to provide personal testimony of Frazer's playing. This way you can be re-assured that you have made the right choice.

I want Frazer to play through the Wedding Ceremony, Drinks Reception and Wedding breakfast. However, they are all in different rooms. Is this ok? 

Yes, this is very frequently the case in a lot of Hotels. Frazer will happily bring his own stage piano for no extra cost to adapt for this. It typically takes around 10 minutes to move rooms.

At my wedding or event I will have guests of all ages. Is the music adaptable to this? 

Yes, of primary importance to Frazer is playing the most appropriate repertoire for any given event. The current Set list has been tried and tested over the past 5 years and is continually updated to achieve optimal results.


Are requests always accommodated for?

In general, yes-  Frazer has played every request made to date. The only occasion this wouldn't be possible is if a song is requested that is completely unsuited to the Piano. For example, some heavy metal songs wouldn't work well. Around 2 weeks notice is desirable when making requests.Further more, if beforehand you would like to hear and see Frazer play a request you have made, this can be arranged with ease. You can either arrange to meet with Frazer or alternatively a video link can be provided. 

How many song requests can I make 

Normally up to 9 requests can be accomodated for. For any extra a small additional charge may be levied.

What if Frazer is ill on the day of my Wedding or event?

Rest assured  this has never happened before. However as part of the contract you recieve, Frazer is bound  that in this eventuality another highly skilled Pianist will be sourced for you- (Subject to all reasonable endevours).

  How do I go about booking Frazer?


Easily, either fill out an online enquiry by clicking here, or, phone 07503360718. State when and where your event is to be. If Frazer is available then he will send out a short Musicians union contract for you to sign. This just confirms the booking in writing and gives you an extra piece of mind.  After that, there is only a small deposit to pay- usually around £50. That's it, the booking is then confirmed.